« Très bien, la participation du groupe était très présente et une très bonne pédagogie du formateur « 

« Parfait ! »

« A conseiller vivement »

« Cette formation a renforcé mes compétences pros et perso »

« Formation intéressante et accessible à tous »

« Les techniques sont professionnelles et adaptées au besoin »

« The idea of helping people to achieve their goals and find the right path (motivation, productivity, awareness, in the end “flow”) is so obvious and somehow easy, but still it’s up to only very few people to really be able to help, to coach or to implement strategies that result in a progress. Guess that is where your talent lies… »

« Actually an easy message, but so right and something that went through my mind during the run, aiming to stay below 4min/k, at that time a pace that I never thought I could do.
Same story in 2018, even gaining position on the run or in Roth, experiencing a complete “flow race” that day. Just one example but it pretty much describes the influence of the right words at the right time acting as a trigger »